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Make Flossing Easier with a Floss Threader

Posted on 2/17/2016 by Brandon Cooley
A woman using a floss threader to clean her teeth.If you have been using your braces, dental bridge, or other appliance as an excuse for why you aren't flossing, those days are over.

Floss threaders are a great way to overcome some of the challenges associated with flossing around these appliances, allowing you to properly clean between your teeth. Find out why flossing is so important and how a floss threader can help you to add this step to your oral hygiene routine.

The Importance of Flossing

Flossing is an integral part of any oral health routine. It removes food particles that are stuck between the teeth that your brush won't be able to reach. It also keeps the gums healthy and can remove plaque deposits so that tartar does not accumulate. Since flossing is so important, it is recommended that you floss at least once per day, but if you have special flossing needs, this activity could be difficult. Luckily, floss threaders were created for people just like you.

Using Your Floss Threader

A floss threader is a simple tool that you can pick up in essentially any drug store, and you can use any type of floss with it. To clean your teeth using a floss threader, follow these helpful steps:

•  Remove a piece of dental floss ranging from 12-18 inches long.
•  Place one end of the floss into the loop of the threader (about 5 inches worth).
•  Use the floss threader to pass over or under any dental appliance, including bridges, permanent retainers, or braces.
•  Take the threader off of the floss, and then floss gently in a back and forth motion.
•  Ensure that you are getting the floss under the gum line.
•  Repeat the process.

Dental work is no longer an excuse for not flossing. Take advantage of all the great benefits that a floss threader has to offer, and enjoy cleaner teeth.

Please contact us if you have any questions about flossing.

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