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Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Brandon Cooley
Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth RemovedYour third set of molars that come in during your teenage years or early twenties is your wisdom teeth. Not everyone experiences pain when their wisdom teeth start coming in. Based on your x-rays, sometimes a dentist will suggest that you have them removed if they are causing overcrowding or putting pressure on the surrounding teeth.

How To Know When To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Teeth that were straight before can become shifted due to overcrowding caused by your wisdom teeth. Shifted teeth can cause infections, gum issues, and one tooth pushing against another. When you experience pain, that is usually the first sign that you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted. Hot/cold sensitivity can be another sign. Impacted teeth can occur when your wisdom teeth come in crooked. When there isn't enough room, the teeth will usually come in at an angle or in a different direction than your other teeth. This usually causes gum infections, swelling, tenderness, and damage to other teeth. When wisdom teeth are impacted, you need to have them removed as soon as possible. Jaw issues can occur from impacted wisdom teeth.

What You Can Expect With Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

Wisdom tooth removal is a pretty standard routine procedure. After removing them, the dentist will use sutures to close the wound for proper healing. You will also receive medication for swelling and pain, along with a mouth rinse and post-care instructions. Recovery can take some time. Your diet should only consist of liquids and soft foods for the first couple of days after wisdom tooth removal. There is no reason anyone should live with pain. Wisdom teeth removal is a quick and standard procedure. If you are experiencing any pain due to wisdom teeth, please contact our team to take care of your dental health.

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