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Dental Bridges
Kenmore, WA

Dental Bridges

Those with missing teeth often wonder how to get their beautiful smile back without having to undergo too much pain or discomfort. Fortunately, technological developments in the dental industry have given us an excellent solution to our missing teeth issues – dental bridges.

Dental bridges are used as a treatment for those with missing teeth. Not only does it help return one's smile to normal, but it is also ideal for restoring the function of speaking and chewing.

At Cooley Smiles, our dental experts recommend dental bridges for all those who have lost a tooth, be it due to cavities, an accident, or otherwise.

Dental Bridges Procedure Overview

If you have healthy teeth on each side of a gap where a tooth, or teeth, are missing, you may require a dental bridge. A dental bridge uses artificial teeth to replace lost ones permanently. The teeth are used as anchors to keep the bridge in place at all times.

Bridges can be made of various materials, such as zirconia, porcelain, metal, or a combination of materials. They are set on-site and provide an alternative to dentures.

Partial dentures can be substituted with dental bridges because of their ease of use, as they improve your ability to chew and communicate as well as restore the look of your teeth. Some options include porcelain, alloys and gold, but there are other options you can choose from.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Function-wise, the bridge closes the space in the patient's jaw, allowing them to chew and eat normally. The bridge can also help with biting and chewing food. Additionally, closing the tooth gap that could affect the tongue's position and the way sounds are produced in the mouth might help people talk more freely.

A dental bridge can make up for the loss of the original teeth in terms of appearance, especially if the bridge's color is closely matched to the neighboring teeth. Patients who are self-conscious about their looks due to missing teeth may benefit from this in terms of boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

But, more importantly, a dental bridge helps restore essential functions such as chewing and speaking, which can be hindered due to missing teeth.

Many patients also favor dental bridges due to how comfortable they feel in the mouth and how simple they are to maintain. It usually takes the patient just a little while to get used to the feel of the dental bridge. After that, it blends in with the rest of the mouth structure and is barely perceptible. Bridges may be cleaned by brushing.

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