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Dental Fillings in Kenmore, WA

What Are Dental Fillings

If a tooth or multiple teeth get damaged then a quick dental exam can tell you whether you require a dental crown, dental bridge or a tooth extraction.

But, in the majority of cases, all you require is a quick dental filling.

At Cooley Smiles, we take our patient's every need seriously and offer a variety of management options to help them.

Steps for a Dental Filling

Our Bellevue dentists believe your comfort is vital when it comes to dental procedures such as a dental filling. The tooth's surrounding region will first be made numb by the dentist using a local anesthetic.

Next, the deteriorated region will be detached using an air abrasion tool or a drill or laser. The dentist's training, comfort level, and investment in equipment, as well as the location and severity of the decay, all influence the tool choice.

Composite vs Amalgam Fillings

Your dentist will examine or probe the region to confirm if all of the decay has been eliminated. The dentist will clear up the cavity area of bacteria and debris after removing the decay to prepare the area for the filling.

Types of Dental Fillings

There are several dental filling materials that you can choose for a tooth filling. Some of the common options include porcelain, gold, and silver amalgam.

There's also tooth-colored plastic and substances known as composite resin fillings for filling teeth. Another substance, known as glass ionomer, also includes glass particles and is used similarly to composite resin fillings.

The sort of filling appropriate for you will depend on the location and severity of the decay, your insurance coverage, and the total cost of the procedure you require, which is why it is always advised to ask the dentist before getting a tooth filling.

Additional Fillings

Extra processes are necessary for tooth-colored fillings. The tooth-colored substance is put in stages after the decay has been removed and the region has been cleansed by your dentist.

Then each layer is exposed to a specific light that "cures" or hardens it. Your dentist will use the composite material for the desired outcome when the multilayering procedure is complete, eliminate any extra material, and polish the finished repair.

Tooth Sensitivity

Following the insertion of a filling, tooth sensitivity is pretty typical. Your teeth may be sensitive to cold, sweet foods, air, pressure, or air itself.

Within a few weeks, the sensitivity often disappears on its own. Try to avoid the sensitivity's source until then. Typically, you don't need to use painkillers.

If the sensitivity persists after two to four weeks or if your tooth is particularly sensitive, make an appointment with your dentist.
He or she could advise using a desensitizing toothpaste, dabbing the tooth with a desensitizing chemical, or even suggesting a root canal.

Your dentist is the best person to help guide you through the process of getting a dental filling and what you need to do after getting one to make sure that the dental filling lasts longer and remains functional so that you do not need a tooth extraction.

Need a Filling?

Contact Cooley Smiles today to schedule an appointment if you are in need of a dental filling.

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